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COMPASS CTF is a CTF team belonging to the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Our members are from the COMPASS lab.

Visit our lab website: COMPASS


Within a short period of two years since its establishment, COMPASS CTF has already won multiple national and provincial cybersecurity competition awards, including the first prize in the National College Student Information Security Competition, the special prize (champion) in the Guangdong College Student Cybersecurity Offense and Defense Competition, the "Peak Geek" Challenge "Peak Talent Award" (¥10,000), and the champion of the Spring and Autumn Cup.


  • Daily challenge: challenges are published every day. You can log into Intranet Challenge Platform and finish our daily challenges.
  • Weekly meeting: every week we would have a meeting to synchronize our progress and plans for the next week. The meeting time is 4 pm, Thursday.
  • If you are interested, join our meeting channel: Tencent Meeting

  • Weekly training: every week we would have trained together that let us learn and share information about CTF. The training time is 2 pm, Saturday.

Join us

If you want to participate CTFs or join us, please feel free to contact us if you satisfy the following requests:

  • You are a student or an employee of SUSTech (we are a campus team!).
  • You are interested in CTFs and you have the enthusiasm to learn new things about CTF.
  • You know the basics of computer science or mathematics.
  • You will enjoy your travel toward CTFs.

If you are interested, please send to Email address:

Contribute to the Wiki

It's highly recommended to pull requests about new content and anything you find useful for Wiki.

Our docs are based on the GitHub pages and MkDocs engine, use markdown to format our website. Modify a new file and pull it to the repository. We highly appreciate your contribution!