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CTF Week Meeting 2022-02-24

  1. Review of the last week.
  2. Recent competitions: VU CTF 2022 & TQL CTF 2022.
  3. First offline activity for this semester.
  4. Competitions this weekend.

Review of the last week

XSRC Platform

Not working properly now. Having asked the developers from ITS. They have given instructive advice:

Use email then.

Wiki/Blog Collection

A repo about security profile.

Gonna use information from this list first. All the blog and personal websites would be added soon.

Project: TG Sec Bot

The project information and the initial proposal would be posted on GitHub and invite you (if interested).


Working on the security analysis and CVE post. Found several vulnerabilities from ThinkPHP and its plugins.

sqlmap analysis shows it's not vulnerable. Doing some SCA recently.


I have emailed several top teams and waiting for their response.

The experience from top teams is really important. Besides, not only for CTF, but also for security developers and engineers.

  • Nu1L
  • AAA
  • 雷神众测
  • 平安银河实验室

Competition Rank

VU CTF 2022

Rank 78

As an exercise competition got in the top 100.



TQL CTF 2022

Rank 37

Doesn't have enough participants. Maybe better.


First Offline Activity

Our first offline competition activity would be held this Saturday.

According to the recently COVID-19, shall the offline activity move to online?

  1. If offline: I'm going to order the meeting room 515 Southern Tower, Engineering Department. Welcome to participate.
  2. If online: we would have an online meeting for competition and sharing this Saturday, which lasts 4 hours.

The sharing would be given by myself this week. I'd like to talk about the Rust programming language.

If you want to share anything else, it's highly recommended to give a talk this weekend.


Codegate CTF 2022 Preliminary

星期六, 26 二月 2022, 18:00 CST — 星期日, 27 二月 2022, 18:00 CST

We are going to participate in the General team. The top 9 teams from the General group would be allowed to the final competition.

The maximum team size is 4 members

Ugra CTF Quals 2022 (Optional)

星期六, 26 二月 2022, 15:00 CST — 星期二, 01 三月 2022, 15:00 CST

The event would be in Russia. Maybe we need to use some translation tools.

SUSCTF 2022 (Optional)

星期六, 26 二月 2022, 09:00 CST — 星期一, 28 二月 2022, 09:00 CST

By SUSr. The name is very likely SUSTC. So, maybe you are interested.


  • [ ] 题目平台环境挂了,考虑维护和docker-compose

A. 服务器环境自动启动

B. SaaS用户启动方案

  • [ ] CTF Book动态更新,整理章节目录和材料
  • [ ] 跟进Black Hat Submission的信息