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2021 Fall Schedule

After the recruiting on September 4th, new members are going to learn basic ideas of CTF.

The training project for 2021 fall is going to start in September, and will finish in November. After the training, another exam would be held.


Data Title Intro Material
Sep 11th 2021 Introduction to CTF, how to Search & Learn Learn about what's CTF and how we win a CTF. The attendance of competitions and how to group a team. Introduction to CTF.pdf
Sep 19th 2021 Linux, Programming, and Toolkit Introduce how to operate a Linux system using CLI, and install your environment. Learn how to program with Python. Install the toolkit. Linux, Programming, and Toolkit
Sep 25th 2021 Web Challenges and Databases Ability to learn computer networks and hack websites. Know HTTP & HTTPS in protocol, and tools to capture / modify packets. Web Challenges and Databases.pdf
Oct 10th 2021 Forensics & Steganography Analyze the file format and hidden information. Packet or network traffic analysis as well. Several skills to check images. Forensics_Steganography.pdf
Oct 16th 2021 Operating Systems Guide to the OS course, learning about modern operating systems from Windows, Linux, to Android. About hardware, process architecture, how OS schedule procedure. Operating Systems.pptx
Oct 23th 2021 Modern Cryptography and Mathematics Asymmetric cryptography like RSA, ECC. A mathematic definition about security and attacks to the modern cryptography. Cryptography.pptx
Oct 30th 2021 Assembly Language Learn about some CISC knowledge. Use x86_64 as example to do assembly. Some reverse engineering skills are involved. Reverse.pdf
Nov 20th 2021 Binary Exploitations PWN challenges. Buffer overflows, shellcodes, ROP, and some pwn challenges. Binary Exploitation.pdf
Nov 27th 2021 Post Penetration After acquire a shell or you want to use reverse shell to exploit websites. Use vulnerability database to search vulnerabilities. Privilege escalation in Linux system.
Dec 4th 2021 AWD CTF From Jeopardy to AWD (Attack and Defense) CTF. Use an online AWD CTF to learn about vulnerability fix and exploit.
Dec 11th 2021 Report Individual report of each new members about a topic you interested in.
Dec 18th 2021 Exam Qualifier exam.

Training Timeline

There some major changes to our training timeline.

According to the new goal of intro and improve, the lecture time is reduced to 1 hour in order to do more exercise.

The offline training location is changed to Meeting Room 551 Engineering College South Tower because of the failure to get keys to TB2 (aka, picking locks are illegal).

Training time stays unchanged: every Saturday 2pm - 6pm.

2021 Fall training timeline:

14:00 - 15:00 Lecture

15:30 - 18:00 Collaborate exercise


It's highly recommend you to join offline in Meeting Room 551 Engineering College South Tower, but if you have any other arrangement, online attendance is fine.

Any pigeons absence for 3 weeks would be stewed into pigeon soup. Because after 3 weeks of patting fish, you may forget the password of your own kali image.