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Android System Source Code Scenario Analysis

Author: Luo Shengyang


In terms of content, this book provides a comprehensive, in-depth and detailed analysis of the Android system source code, including the Linux kernel layer, hardware abstraction layer (HAL), runtime library layer (Runtime), application framework layer (Application Framework) and application layer (Application).

In terms of organization, this book divides the above contents into three major chapters, namely, the first acquaintance with Android system, Android-specific driver system and Android application framework. The chapter of Android system introduces reference books, basic knowledge and experimental environment construction; the chapter of Android special driver system introduces Logger log driver, Binder inter-process communication driver and Ashmem anonymous shared memory driver; the chapter of Android application framework introduces the framework of Android application in four dimensions: component, process, message and installation. The Android application framework chapter provides an in-depth analysis of the framework of Android applications in four dimensions: components, processes, messages and installation.

Through the above contents and their organization, this book enables readers to grasp the hierarchy of Android system as a whole and master the key points of each level in detail.