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CTF Week Meeting 2022-04-21

  1. Guangdong Province University CTF online talk.
  2. CTF toolkit.
  3. Upcoming competitions.


The online talk session would be held on April 30th.

Organizer: COMPASS CTF Team

Co-operator: Computer Research Association

Invitation: all the students from SUSTech

After the talk, we would arrange 2 pieces of training (introduction).

CTF toolkit

The current tools are collected from every CTF challenge.

Some challenges are using some specific tool, that isn't on the list.

I've found the difficulty to configure every machine to work for CTF events. So, let's make a toolkit for fast establishing the environment.

  • Docker image
  • Kali virtual machine image
  • Windows toolkit
  • (Not sure) macOS toolkit



星期六, 23 四月 2022, 14:30 CST — 星期六, 23 四月 2022, 20:30 CST

CUCTF 1.0 is First Edition of CUCTF from CUCYSEC Club. This CTF will be in collaboration of WIZCON '22 which aims to introduce beginners to Capture the Flags.



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