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Winter 2023 CTF Team Training and Competition Schedule

Training Mode Adjustments

Workshop Training Sessions

  • Frequency: Daily (Monday to Friday)
  • Objective: To engage team members in a more interactive and discussion-focused training environment, with shorter, more intensive problem-solving sessions.

Weekly Competition Participation

  • Schedule: Selection of one external competition each week for team participation.

Monthly Recruitment and Assessment Competition

  • Timing: Last week of each month
  • Purpose: To onboard new team members and gauge the current team's skill level with a set of brand-new, original challenges.

Team Fund Usage

We are in the process of finalizing the specific action plan for team fund usage.

  • Team Fund: A financial reserve established to support the team's needs, including but not limited to equipment purchases, service subscriptions, and competition-related expenditures.

Resource Synchronization

A GitHub Organization will be created shortly to synchronize team resources such as solutions, projects, and administrative items.

  • GitHub Organization: A unified repository for all team-related materials and resources.


We are focusing on developing new automation mechanisms to facilitate the seamless operation of various team tasks.

  • Automation Proposals: Team members are encouraged to recommend processes that can be automated to reduce manual workload.

Detailed Schedule Table

Below is the detailed schedule table with columns for Date, Location, Topic, Description, and Notes. Please note that the schedule is flexible and may change to accommodate new competitions or unforeseen circumstances.

Schedule Table

Date Location Topic Description Notes
2023-12-27 14:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 4: Data Wrangling Have you ever wanted to take data in one format and turn it into a different format? Of course, you have! That, in very general terms, is what this lecture is all about. Specifically, massaging data, whether in text or binary format, until you end up with exactly what you wanted. WS1-4.pdf
2023-12-28 17:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 5: Command-line Environment Exploring the power of the command-line interface (CLI) for efficient system navigation, automation, and task execution. WS1-5.pdf
2023-12-29 14:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 6: Version Control (Git) Comprehensive guide to using Git for version control, including best practices for collaboration and maintaining code history. WS1-6.pdf
2024-01-01 14:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 7: Debugging and Profiling Techniques for identifying and fixing code bugs, as well as methods for optimizing performance through profiling. WS1-7.pdf
2023-12-30 14:00 443B Meeting Room, Southern ToE ASIS CTF Finals 2023 Participation in the final round of the ASIS CTF, applying skills and teamwork in a competitive environment.
2024-01-02 16:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 8: Metaprogramming Dive into advanced programming concepts that allow programs to treat other programs as their data. WS1-8.pdf
2024-01-03 14:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 9: Further exploration of advanced programming topics (specific topic to be determined). WS1-9.pdf
2024-01-04 15:00 318 Meeting Room, Southern ToE The Missing Course 10: Conclusion of the Missing Course series with a focus on integrating learned skills into real-world scenarios. WS1-10.pdf
2024-01-06 14:00 443B Meeting Room, Southern ToE 南方科技大学&万径安全联合宣讲会 A joint seminar by Southern University of Science and Technology & Wan Jing Security, discussing the latest trends in cybersecurity. TBA
2024-01-07 14:00 551 Meeting Room, Southern ToE IrisCTF 2024 Engaging in IrisCTF 2024 to apply CTF skills in a variety of challenges suitable for all levels of expertise. Home : IrisCTF 2024 - CTF fun for hackers of all skill levels
2024-01-14 14:00 551 Meeting Room, Southern ToE bi0sCTF 2024 Competing in bi0sCTF 2024, challenging team members with tasks designed to test and enhance their cybersecurity abilities.
2024-01-21 14:00 551 Meeting Room, Southern ToE Insomni'hack teaser 2024 Preparing for the Insomni'hack event with a teaser CTF that offers a sneak peek into the types of challenges to be expected. Contests - Insomni'hack
2024-01-27 09:00 551 Meeting Room, Southern ToE Monthly Competition: The Winter is Coming CTF Internal monthly competition designed to keep the team's skills sharp and foster a competitive spirit within the team. TBA
2024-01-28 14:00 551 Meeting Room, Southern ToE Real World CTF 6th Participation in the 6th edition of Real World CTF, facing off against real-world security challenges and scenarios.


As we reach the culmination of our preparatory stage for the meticulous regimen our Capture The Flag (CTF) collective intends to undertake, the structured schema we have embraced clearly bespeaks our aim to incur a comprehensive repertoire of capabilities within our confraternity, spanning the spectrum from rudimental precepts to sophisticated stratagems in the realm of cybersecurity. The schedule we’ve meticulously curated evolves seamlessly from didactic symposiums to hands-on, combative scenarios, guaranteeing that our assemblage is not merely conversant with avant-garde methodologies but proficient in their deployment amidst the exigencies of tangible situations.

The instructional compendium entitled "The Missing Course" series acts as the cornerstone of our pedagogy, imparting a robust grounding in indispensable subject matter incorporating the arts of data manipulation, command line utilization, versioning of software revisions, debugging, system performance evaluation, and the arcane craft of metaprogramming. These sessions are tailored to forge connections between theoretical acumen and the pragmatic competencies demanded in the cybersecurity vocation.

Our participation in illustrious tournaments such as the ASIS CTF Finals, IrisCTF, bi0sCTF, Insomni'hack, and Real World CTF will furnish our cadre with the prospect to gauge our prowess against some of the preeminent figures in this discipline. These rendezvous will afford us not simply the venue to employ our acquired enlightenment but also to assimilate wisdom from our contemporaries and perpetually refine our artifices.

The institution of a monthly internal challenge, dubbed "The Winter is Coming CTF," will maintain our ensemble's continued engagement and vigilance, thus preserving that the acquired skills are rigorously exercised and polished.

Further, we have paved the way for the promulgation of knowledge and collaborative endeavor through the genesis of a GitHub consortium, devised for the synchronization of resources, which will act as a vault for our shared intellect and as an amphitheater for incessant edification.

In essence, our envisioned timeline transcends a mere itinerary of forthcoming occurrences; it embodies a tactical blueprint, expressly contrived to inculcate a paradigm of superlative performance and an unyielding quest for proficiency in cybersecurity within our fraternity. As we advance upon this voyage, we persist malleable, amenable to embracing novel challenges and educational prospects that may present themselves. Our paramount ambition is to not only secure victory in competitive jousts but to sculpt a squadron supremely equipped to confront the cybersecurity menaces of the morrow.

Let us proceed with tenacity and a collective ethos dedicated to pinnacle achievement, symbiotic coaction, and incessant melioration. Here’s to an annum replete with augmentation, intellectual acquisition, and laurels in the theatre of CTF contests!