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2022 Fall Training Schedule


  • This semester we have both advanced training and qualification for 2022 students.

  • Training: from 2 pm to 6 pm every Sunday at 551 Room, Southern Tower of Engineering Department.

  • Qualification: 3 weeks introduction and 1-week exam.


The first 4 weeks this semester is for the qualification, then we would have weekly training every Sunday.

Remember we also have a CS315 course this semester.

Date Topic Attachments
Sep, 11th Welcome, and meeting with new members. Introduction to the competitions, research, and COMPASS lab. None
Sep, 18th Final Round for GDCTF 2nd, skip. None
Sep, 25th Bytecode CTF. None
Oct, 2nd Qualification, and introduction of CTF for 2022 students. Introduction to CTF.pdf
Linux challenges
Linux tutorial
Python tutorial
Oct, 9th Basics about OS, Web, and fundamentals programming. Web Basics and Databases.pdf
CTF101 Web
Oct, 16th Reverse engineering, GLIBC, and how to exploit a binary program. Reverse.pdf
Binary Exploitation.pdf
Oct, 23th Qualification Exam: CTF track and AWD track. None
Oct, 30th PWN, stack, heap, and kernel. Kernel PWN Introduction
Nov, 6th Reversing different kinds of applications, desktop, mobile, and embedded. newbie dive into binary
Nov, 20th Modern cryptography, ECC, RC4, and AES. iThome ironman
Nov, 27th Attack-with-Defense, EDR, network sniffing, and trojan. Post Penetration
Dec, 4th COMPASS CTF Event (Jeopardy). None
Dec, 11th COMPASS CTF Event (AWD). None
Dec, 17th Summary of 2022 Fall Training. TBA

Contact me

Your advice is valuable and would help me to improve the training. If you have any suggestions, there are several ways to contact me:

  • Weekly meeting: every Thursday, at 16 pm, according to the weekly meeting page.

  • My email address:

  • My office address: 441A, Southern Tower of the Engineering Department.