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0day Security: Software Vulnerability Analysis Techniques

Author: Wang Qing


Oday Security: Software Vulnerability Analysis Techniques (2nd Edition), edited by Qing Wang, is divided into five chapters, which systematically and comprehensively introduce the analysis, detection and protection of buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Windows platform. The first chapter is the basic theory and primary technology of vulnerability exploit, which can lead readers to get started quickly; the second chapter, on the basis of the first chapter, combines the cutting-edge achievements of relevant researchers at home and abroad, and summarizes the vulnerability technology from two aspects of attack and defense; the third chapter, from the perspective of security testers, discusses the vulnerability mining methods and ideas of several types of commonly used software; the fourth chapter fills the role of this type of book in The fourth chapter fills the technical gap in the mysterious field of Windows kernel security and related attack and defense knowledge; the fifth chapter uses a large number of Oday case studies to help readers understand the various ideas and methods in the first four chapters. Oday Security: Software Vulnerability Analysis Techniques (2nd Edition) can be used as a reference guide for network security practitioners and hacker enthusiasts, or as a guide for graduate or undergraduate students in network security.