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CTF Week Meeting 2022-05-26

  1. The competition result.
  2. About the summer vacation schedule.
  3. Upcoming events summary.

2nd Guangdong CTF

2 top 50 teams:

Team name Rank Writeups
HED 9 Submitted
MFGI 37 Submitted

Removed repetitive teams from the top 36 (3 or more teams of the same university), MFGI's rank is 28.

I'm waiting for the notifications of the final round. However, the organizers are still counting the results (till 15:00 Thursday).

Summer Schedule

During the summer of 2022, we are going to open another training and recruiting plan.

The summer schedule would be divided into 2 parts: basic rank and advanced rank. The previous one's goal is to teach some necessary knowledge for the interests and would be easier. The last one's goal is to train for the COMPASS team which would be harder.

Basic Advanced
Estimated time per week 6 hours 15 hours
Knowledge level for interests for competitions
Lectures Yes Yes
Weekly challenges Optional Yes
Leader for training Group discussion Assigned team members
Qualification exam free to participate free to participate, +5 points

The training schedule would last for 2 months, and then we would have a qualification exam. Around the top 20% of members are admitted to the team.

The detailed schedule and the document would be published on a single page (Before the summer vacation).

Upcoming Events

The page has been updated in 2022 Spring.


I have already submitted a team C0MP4SS.

Qualifications begin 2022年5月28日 GMT+8 8:00:00 1653696000

Qualifications end 2022年5月30日 GMT+8 8:00:00 1653868800


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