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Vulnerability War: Software Vulnerability Analysis in a Nutshell

Author: 林桠泉


Vulnerability War: Essentials of Software Vulnerability Analysis" systematically explains various tools, theoretical techniques and practical methods for software vulnerability analysis and exploitation, mainly for Windows and Android platforms. Vulnerability War: Software Vulnerability Analysis Essentials is divided into different types of software vulnerabilities, such as stack overflow, sandbox escape, type obfuscation, UAF, kernel vulnerabilities, etc. It also includes the analysis and exploitation of vulnerabilities on Android platform for the current popular mobile security. Taking carefully selected classic vulnerabilities as examples, we share the analysis techniques and tools of vulnerabilities, and explain in detail the causes, exploitation and repair methods of these vulnerabilities, aiming to "teach to fish". The most important feature of "Vulnerability War: Software Vulnerability Analysis Essentials" is that it uses various types of classical vulnerabilities as practical explanations, abandoning empty-headed theories, and is almost "a book written with a debugger".

Vulnerability War: Software Vulnerability Analysis Essentials is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in computer-related fields, information security enthusiasts, software security and mobile security-related security practitioners, software developers and testers, hackers, etc.