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Encryption and Decryption

Author: Duan Gang Publisher: Electronic Industry Press Publisher: Bowen Insights Year of publication: 2018-10-1 Pages: 936 Price: 198 Binding: Paperback Series: Security Technology Series ISBN: 9787121336928



Encryption and Decryption (4th Edition) takes encryption and decryption as the entry point and describes the basic knowledge and skills in the field of software security, such as debugging skills, reverse analysis, cryptographic protection, shell development, and virtual machine design. These knowledge are connected to each other, and readers can easily expand in the areas of vulnerability analysis, secure programming, virus analysis, and software protection after mastering these contents. From the perspective of employment, mastering the technologies related to encryption and decryption can improve one's competitive ability; from the perspective of personal growth, studying software security technologies helps to master some system underlying knowledge and is an important way to enhance professional skills. As a qualified programmer, besides mastering requirement analysis and design patterns, if you can master some knowledge of the underlying system and be familiar with the underlying structure of the whole system, you will benefit a lot in your work.

Encryption and Decryption (4th Edition) is suitable for security researchers, software debuggers and program developers, and can also be used as a supplementary textbook for information security-related majors in universities.