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CTF Week Meeting 2022-07-21

  1. Events register.
  2. Summer schedule update.
  3. Guangdong Province CTF 2nd Final.

Events register

强网杯 6th 7.30 - 7.31

We have 2 teams currently, one has 10 members, the other has 7 members.

Team1: HED

HED/role name
Leader 邬一帆
Member 金肇轩
Member 严文谦
Member 陈梓涵
Member 巫晓
Member 朱嘉楠
Member 李烨
Member 黎诗玥
Member 唐骞
Member 刘欣萌

Team2: kfccrazythursdayvme50yuan

role name
Leader 李照
Member 刘乐奇
Member 冯泉弼
Member 徐延楷
Member 谢子晟
Member 孙祎涛
Member 王乙
Member 金扬

The first team is registered, and the second team is waiting for all the phone numbers to be signed up.

Later today, I will collect some recent challenges and their writeups.


一等奖 第1-3名 3万RMB/队

二等奖 第4-10名 2万RMB/队

三等奖 第11-32名 1万RMB/队

最佳题目奖 共1名 2万RMB/题

优秀题目奖 共6名 5000元RMB/题


Summer schedule update

The past training:

Time Topic Introduction Material
June, 26th CTF Overview & Fun-oriented challenges. Learn about what's CTF and how we win a CTF. The attendance of competitions and how to group a team. Introduction to CTF.pdf Sakai page Kali Linux Linux challenges Linux tutorial Python tutorial
July, 3rd Web Challenges and Databases (Basics) Ability to learn computer networks and hack websites. Know HTTP & HTTPS in protocol, and tools to capture / modify packets. Web Basics and Databases.pdf OWASP vulnerabilities PHP basics HTML MDN CSS MDN JavaScript MDN
July, 10th Practice, Solving Web Challenges (Advanced) Why websites are vulnerable, learn how to crack a website, and solve some web challenges. Find the weakness in the websites and common vulnerabilities. Advanced Web Hacking.pdf Linux Basics BlackHat SSTI PDF CTF101 Web Web learning notes
July, 17th Forensics & Steganography Analyze the file format and hidden information. Packet or network traffic analysis as well. Several skills to check images. Forensics_Steganography.pdf CTF 101 Forensics 1earn Forensics

The rest training:

July, 24th Modern Cryptography and Mathematics Asymmetric cryptography like RSA, ECC. A mathematic definition of security and attacks on modern cryptography. Cryptography.pptx
July, 31st Assembly Language and Reverse Engineering Learn about some CISC knowledge. Use x86_64 as an example to do the assembly. Some reverse engineering skills are involved. Reverse.pdf
August, 7th Binary Exploitations PWN challenges. Buffer overflows, shellcodes, ROP, and some pwn challenges. Binary Exploitation.pdf

This weekend, the engineering department would be powered off. The training schedule for this weekend may be online.

I've invited some 2022 new students to attend the cryptography training this weekend.

Guangdong Province CTF 2nd

In the past qualification, the HED team has qualified for the final round.

role name
Leader 邬一帆
Member 严文谦
Member 朱弘
Member 朱嘉楠

GD 2nd CTF

Before the competition, we would have several AWD training. The time can be arranged according to your schedule.

  • Acceptable time: any time in the summer / Sundays in September.
  • Training materials: AWD toolkit & AWD tricks.
  • PVP:

Better to be offline, in case we can have discussions about AWD.


  • [ ] AWD toolkit.
  • [ ] Register for the 2nd team.