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CTF Week Meeting 2022-08-04

  1. QiangWang Cup event rank.
  2. Summer schedule final exam challenges.
  3. Upcoming events: Wangding Cup register.
  4. Today's entertainment: CTFshow event.
  5. Some thoughts about the ranks & cyber security.

QiangWang Cup event rank

The competition has ended. 2 of our teams have achieve great ranks:

Team Rank
HED 74
kfccrazythursdayv50 248

The competition takes 10 members in a team. During the competition, we used notion for challenge synchronize and progress tracking.

The defect of this event is the PWN part. We've done great in other aspects, except PWN. Learning about some PWN ideas would be our next step:

  • GLIBC vulnerabilities.
  • Linux kernel vulnerabilities.
  • Other binary exploitations.

A experienced PWN player would talk about the PWN sections this weekend. I'm looking forward to the PWN talk.

Summer final exam

Our summer schedule would be ended in August 14th. The final exam would be held on the Detroit platform.

I'm collecting grades and finding final exam challenges.

If you have great challenge, please inform me.

  • Challenge categories: misc, web, crypto, re, pwn.
  • Challenge format: any formats are fine, dockers better.

The dynamic challenge environment would be set to use an environment variable $FLAG, if you want to setup dynamic flag for your challenge, you can read this variable in the flag configuration.

Besides, using flag file is also fine.

Wangding Cup

Register till August 19th 20:00.

Possible time:

  • For university: August 26th.
  • For companies: August 31st.

This event is one of the most famous CTF competitions. The size for each team is 4 members, we are going to have 2 or 3 teams.

This event would be easier than the Qiangwang cup. However, it's not easy to get into the final round.

If you are interested in this event, please send me the register information.


An interesting event on would be held today.

Start time: 18pm.

Duration: 24 hours.

If you are looking forward some interesting (instead of hard events), don't miss this.

About the ranks & cyber security



  • [ ] Ready for the GD CTF 2nd Final script.
  • [ ] Move all the challenges to the Detroit server.