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CTF Week Meeting 2022-07-07

  1. Training schedule.
  2. CTFd-whale environment and challenge docker.
  3. Competition register notification.

Training Schedule

Summer schedule have already finished the first two weeks. From the last week, we have 53 registered members.

The offline training has 19 members in the morning, and 22 members in the afternoon.

Every week I have selected several challenges for learning. If you are interested, finish those challenges from

For this week, I'm designing new materials for the advanced network and web exploiting. Some new challenges would be used.

CTFd-whale now has a functional CTFd-whale environment. I'm working on the following works:

  • Applying Internet connection for the website.
  • Applying HTTPS port.
  • Syncing challenge environments with CTFd-whale docker.

The new type of challenge platform would be online in a week.

Competition Notification


The register due on July, 15th.

If you want to join this event, please contact me.


  • [ ] 周末训练材料更新+基础内容补充
  • [ ] 题目容器打包迁移