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CTF Week Meeting 2022-03-17

  1. Competition schedule.
  2. CTF Platform dynamic container.
  3. Competition management.

Competition Schedule


时间:2022-03-19 09:00 ~ 2022-03-20 17:00


Misc: 周翰然、陈梓涵、巫晓、朱嘉楠

Web: 金肇轩、严文谦

Re: 邬一帆、朱弘

PWN: 李照、邬一帆

Crypto: 朱嘉楠、周翰然、严文谦

题目整理 & 同步:邬一帆、李照

CTFd Dynamic Container

Current solution:

The dependency frp is vulnerable to SSRF in the history (and very likely now), and have been bypassed several times.

  • Should we still deploy on the COMPASS server?

The local deployment is successful and ready to use, but we may have a better alternative.

Competition Management

For each competition, we would have an administrator. The admin has the following tasks:

  • Synchronize the challenges to the Notion.
  • Collect the writeups after the competition.

The competitions would use Notion to update.

  • Contact @Frankss to be invited.

The competitions would use Discord to chat.


  • [ ] 平台分布部署,容器放在校外