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CTF Week Meeting 2023-02-16

Welcome back to the university. We are going to have our first training this semester in Feb. 19th. The location is 551 Meeting Room, Southern Tower of Engineering Department. Topics are listed below.

Work progress tracking

  1. COMPASS CTF 2022 - 80%
  2. Topic: CTF combined with research - 5%
  3. Multi-platform promotion of COMPASS CTF - 20%
  4. New Platform GZCTF - 43%
  5. Wiki page content adjustment - 20%
  6. CTFtime program: play CTF and sharing - 13%
  7. New Member Recruitment - 0%
  8. Ande Cup CTF game - 13%
  9. Remedial content session - 0%
  10. 2023 spring training schedule - 100%
  11. Xihulunjian reproduction environment - 50%

What we discussed this week

  1. COMPASS CTF 2022 Winners and Prizes.
  2. CTF-Related Research Components.
  3. 2023 Spring Training Schedule.
  4. Upcoming events.

0x1. COMPASS CTF 2022 Winners and Prizes

After the CTF, if you are a student in SUSTech, we would have some prizes for top players.

  • 1st: Respberry Pi 4B Keyboard, and other prizes below.
  • 2nd-3rd: SSD-USB drive with penetration toolkits, and other prizes below.
  • 4th-8th: COMPASS CTF Coat, and COMPASS lab stickers.

And for the top 5 players who haven't been in the CTF team / COMPASS lab, we would glad to invite you to join us.

Rank ID Score
1 Cerulime 1373
2 Ben 1225
3 cerium 825
4 Trust_04zh 675
5 nobody 575
6 CharlottE67 350
7 12012430 275
8 yxx 200

The prizes are being customized and will be given to the winners offline before the second week of training.

I will continue to communicate with my colleagues in the COMPASS lab to try to integrate CTF with academic research. Currently, through communication with some CTF players, cryptography is the most closely integrated link between CTF and research. An example of this is the research described below.

Fuzzing is likewise a relatively hot topic in research, and the following information is relevant.

0x3. 2023 Spring Training Schedule

Topic Category Attachment Date
Network Sniff: Introduction Web
Feb. 19th, 2023
Network Sniff: Multi-platform Web Feb. 26th, 2023
Network Scan Web March. 5th, 2023
Ethereum and Solidity: Introduction Blockchain March. 12th, 2023
Ethereum and Solidity: Practice Blockchain March. 19th, 2023
IoT Security IoT March. 26th, 2023
PWN: Stack PWN April. 2nd, 2023
PWN: Heap PWN April. 9th, 2023
PWN: Kernel PWN
April. 16th, 2023
Reverse Enginnering RE April. 23th, 2023
Real-World Cryptography Cryptography April. 30th, 2023
Real-World Security: Penetration RW May. 7th, 2023
Real-World Security: Malware RW May. 14th, 2023
Real-World Security: Summary RW May. 21st, 2023

0x4. Upcoming events

This weekend we would participate in the pbctf, which is one of the top events. Another competition is also interesting.

Competition Name Link Start Time End Time Require pre-register
pbctf 2023 2023-02-18 22:00 2023-02-20 10:00 False
HackTM CTF Quals 2023 2023-02-18 20:00 2023-02-19 20:00 False


The prizes of COMPASS CTF 2022 are being customized and will be given to the winners offline before the second week of training. The time schedule of the training this semester is published.