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In-depth understanding of Android kernel design ideas

Author: Lin Xuesen


In-depth Understanding of Android Kernel Design Ideas" is suitable for Android 4.3 or above. The book starts from the basics of operating system, and comprehensively analyzes the implementation principle of core technologies in Android, such as process/thread, memory management, Binder mechanism, GUI display system, multimedia management, input system and so on. Most of the knowledge points in the book come from engineering project development, so it has strong practicality, and we hope to let readers "know what they know, but also know what they know". The book is divided into 4 chapters and 22 chapters, including compilation, system principle, application principle and system tools, which basically cover the knowledge required to participate in Android development, and guide readers through a large number of pictures and examples, in order to provide readers with a more understandable way of thinking outside the source code analysis as much as possible.

In-depth Understanding of Android Kernel Design Ideas is suitable for both Android system engineers and application development engineers to read and improve Android development ability. Readers can gain a deeper understanding of the Android system during the subtle learning process of "In-depth Understanding of Android Kernel Design Ideas", and apply the knowledge learned naturally to solve practical development problems.