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CTF Week Meeting 2022-05-13

  1. The past training and the competition sign up.
  2. The following training needs some challenges.
  3. Recent and upcoming events.

The past training

The training material would be posted on the website.

In the past training, we have discussed some basic ideas about the CTF challenge. Now, our new participants have learned about easy knowledge. All the discussions are simple.

We have several teams signed up for the upcoming competition.

The 2nd Guangdong Province University CTF Event would end sign up on May, 15th. From new participants, the new teams are:

  • Na1ve team (the sign-up form hasn't been submitted, would be summited soon)
  • Leo_Adventure team
  • Long, Cheng team (from Mathematics department)
  • Mumu team
  • W3r3wθ1f Ki11 team
  • rm -rf /* team

Along with the previous teams, we have 9 teams in total. The 9 teams contain 2 advanced teams (from COMPASS CTF) and 7 fan teams.

The following training

The training this week would be held tomorrow (May, 14th) in the 551 Room, Southern Tower of the Engineering Department. Now, I have arranged some weekly training challenges, but still we need some materials.

The lecture part includes Web & PWN & RE part analysis and the difficult challenges. According to my area, I don't have enough experience in Misc and Forensics aspects.

Hoping you can help with the upcoming training.


DEF CON 30 is upcoming. The qualification round of DEF CON would be held on May, 28th - 29th.


Sign up before May, 20th. The online qualification round on May 28th - 29th.


CTFshow 单身杯

2022-05-20 18:00 ~ 2022-05-22 18:00


  • [ ] 周末训练的时间日程安排