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CTF Week Meeting 2022-11-11

  1. Weekly training for this weekend.
  2. Cyber Security Tournament on Dec 3rd - Dec 4th.
  3. Upcoming events.

Weekly training for this weekend

Topic: Modern cryptography, ECC, RC4, and AES.

Please please please if you want to share some topics, contact me. I've shared by myself for 3 weeks!


We will cover the modern part of Cryptography including public key encryption, modern symmetric cryptography, and some mathematics knowledge about the cryptography.

If you are interested in the zero-knowledge proof, today we have a lecture about that at 4:00 pm in the 551 meeting room.

Cyber Security Tournament on Dec 3rd - Dec 4th


The idea is a brief now, if you have any challenges want to put in this game, please contact me.

The game includes 2 parts:

  • Jeopardy about interesting challenges (easy and fun) during 48 hours online.
  • Attack-with-Defense in an interesting environment, an online game server, for 4 hours.

The prize would include an SSD drive with a penetration environment on it.

The game will invite beginners in cybersecurity and everyone who want to have a relaxed weekend. We have 2 goals:

  • Provide some interesting events for students, and find our new member.
  • Invite talented students to join COMPASS.

Upcoming events

SECCON CTF 2022 Quals

Sat, 12 Nov 2022, 13:00 CST — Sun, 13 Nov 2022, 13:00 CST

This year, we will hold an online qualification round and on-site finals.

The finals will be in Tokyo From Feb. 11 to Feb. 12 and have international and domestic divisions.









WeChat article link

Now in the preparation stage, the competition time is undetermined.