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CTF Week Meeting 2022-03-10

  1. Review of the recent competitions.
  2. Review of the recent works.
  3. Course from the SU team.
  4. Competition event for this week.
  5. Drunk too much coffee.

Competition Review

You may notice the awards we've got have been pushed to the wiki.

We have participated in the eCTF for practice last week.


Challenge solving process:

  • Forensics 3 / 8
  • Crypto 3 / 8
  • Misc 5 / 5 AK
  • RE-pwn 4 / 5
  • OSINT 1 / 8 (Oh God...)
  • Web 3 / 3 AK
  • Easy peasy 2 /2 AK

The challenges quality is on average.

Project Review

I've started too many projects in the recent meetings...

Daily Article Bot

The project aims to publish news, blogs, and writeups from personal websites. Going to follow the steps:

  • Catch several websites.
  • Telegram bot.
  • Mail subscribe link.

I have created the Rust project for the Telegram bot using the following template:

The function would be done soon.

If you are interested in the Mail subscribe service's development, please let me know.


Thanks to the very brief description of the installing instruction, deploying ctfd-whale is hard.

  • [x] Move all the data to the local machine.
  • [ ] Establish ctfd-whale.
  • [ ] Package all the challenges to the docker image.
  • [x] Establish SSL certification.

I'll find it out these days.

Do you remember the Chaff Bug?

In brief: the Chaff is an idea to create hundreds of fake buffer overflow points. The work of the attackers is increased by non-vulnerable bugs.

However, SCA (Source Code Analysis), concolic analysis, and Fuzzing can solve this problem.

The PWN challenges from CTF can also be solved by the concolic analysis. The famous angr is often used to do the job.

We also know the CGC (Cyber Grand Challenge) is major in automated software analysis.

A survey of the Cyber Reasoning System:

I'm going to summarize the research on CRS and SCA.

Wiki Contact

I've added the contact email address to Wiki.

As well as the weekly meeting address.

Learn from SU Team

It's all from an article forwarded by Frankss.

SU team has achieved the top rank in SUSCTF 2022. SU team is a united team of members in the universities (we are a university team with all of us from SUSTech).

SU team is established in 2016, and be famous in 2022.

The cooperation experience from SU:

  • Collaborate with the university club.
  • Communication with members, teachers from other teams.
  • An experienced member leads a new member.
  • Layer management: each orientation has an admin.
  • Each member concentration on the specific orientation.
  • Reduce the pigeons.
  • Solving the challenges with a girlfriend.

I've pm each member to confirm the major orientation.

The communication with the SU team is in the progress. Hopefully, we would talk with them in the future.


The 1337UP live CTF (Jeopardy, dynamic score from 500 to 50)

The team size is 4.

星期五, 11 三月 2022, 23:00 CST — 星期六, 12 三月 2022, 23:00 CST

The top 3 teams would get cash awards.

The top 10 teams would receive some 1337UP swag.

The top 100 teams would receive a souvenir certificate, and an increased chance to be invited to the private program of the Intigriti.

This is the first 1337UP CTF.

The organizer: Intigriti (Europe's #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform)

Drunk too much coffee

Take care of yourself.

Doing some exercise can be helpful.

I hope COVID-19 will end soon.


  • [x] 进展立即反馈,周会进行总结
  • [x] notion模板的改动,比赛负责人