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Core Principles of Reverse Engineering

Author: [Han ] Lee Seung-won Publisher: People's Post and Telecommunications Publishing House Original Title: 리버싱 핵심원리 Translated by: Wu Chuanhai Publication Year: 2014-4-25 Pages: 679 Price: $109.00 Binding: Paperback Series: Turing Programming Series ISBN: 9787115350183



This book provides a very detailed introduction to the core principles of code reversal analysis. The author has worked for many years at the Ahnlab Institute, and the book includes not only the extensive code he has written himself based on this experience, but also a variety of techniques and skills that reverse engineering researchers must understand. This book is a shortcut to the door of reverse engineering, where a thorough understanding and practical mastery of the technique can be extended to many IT-related fields.

Readers who want to become reverse engineering researchers or developers who are working on reverse development will be greatly helped by this book. Also, those who want to become experts in the security field can easily start from this book.