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CTF Week Meeting 2023-04-20

I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to join us today. Your expertise and commitment to this critical area of our competition are essential to our success. I am confident that together we can address any challenges that come our way and ensure the ongoing security of our team.

Let's get started and make the most of this opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, and insights.

Work progress tracking

  1. Topic: CTF combined with research - 20%
  2. Multi-platform promotion of COMPASS CTF - 20%
  3. New Platform GZCTF - 55%
  4. Wiki page content adjustment - 60%
  5. CTFtime program: play CTF and share - 28%
  6. New Member Recruitment - 50%
  7. Remedial content session - 72%
  8. CTF from Practice to Principle - 15%
  9. National College Student Information Security Contest - 30%
  10. Wangding Cup Semi-Final Competition - 100%
  11. Discussions with Other Universities about National College Student Information Software Competition - 15%

What we discussed this week

  1. Wangding Cup News.
  2. Guangdong Province 2nd CTF News.
  3. Upcoming Events.

0x1. Wangding Cup News

Congratulations to the team for achieving an outstanding performance in the Wangding Cup cybersecurity competition! Our team's dedication and hard work have paid off, earning us the 21st place in the Green Dragon Group and the 51st place in the general scoreboard in the semi-final.

Making it to the semi-finals of such a prestigious competition is an incredible accomplishment, and I am proud of your achievements. Your teamwork, problem-solving skills, and technical expertise have all contributed to this success, and I hope that this experience has been a valuable learning opportunity for all of you.

As you move forward from this competition, it's important to remember that there is always room for improvement. While you have achieved great success, there are always areas where you can continue to grow and develop. Whether it's through refining your technical skills or strengthening your teamwork and communication, there are many ways to build upon your success and continue to achieve great things in the future.

I am excited to see where your team goes from here, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations again on this impressive achievement!

0x2. Guangdong Province 2nd CTF News

Congratulations to the winning team of the Guangdong Province University Cybersecurity Competition! The competition was intense, with 502 teams from across the province competing for the top spot, but our team emerged victorious and took home the 1st place trophy.

The success is a testament to your dedication, hard work, and expertise in the field of cybersecurity. The team's ability to tackle complex challenges and overcome obstacles is truly impressive, and you have set an outstanding example for your peers in the industry.

I commend the team for your remarkable achievement and wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Your win is not only a source of pride for your university but also for the entire province. Congratulations again on this amazing accomplishment!

0x3. Upcoming Events

QQ Group: 734535934

1 2023年第七届“御网杯”信息安全大赛 2 第七届“强网杯”全国网络安全挑战赛 3 2023春秋杯春季赛 4 ISCC2023个人挑战赛 5 阿里云CTF 6 【春秋云镜】内网极限挑战赛 7 更多国外赛事关注CTFTIME 8 AntCTF X D^3CTF 2023预热赛 9 2023DASCTF X SU四月春季挑战赛 10 “天一永安杯”2023宁波市第六届网络安全大赛 11 AntCTF X D^3CTF 12 安全精英选拔赛 13 2023LitCTF&郑州轻工业大学首届新生赛 14 2023年第七届金砖大赛——网络安全在企业信息管理中的应用 15 2023第七届金砖大赛——其它比赛 16 2023年第七届金砖大赛——企业信息系统安全 17 第十四届蓝桥杯大赛数字科技创新赛—网络安全春秋挑战赛 18 “盘古石杯”全国电子数据取证大赛 19 HDCTF2023 海南大学第四届网络安全技能 挑战赛 20 第四届“长城杯”信息安全铁人三项赛总决赛 21 数字网络安全人才挑战赛决赛 22 数据安全产业人才能力挑战赛决赛 23 第三届红明谷杯网络安全大赛决赛 24 第六届“强网杯”青少年专项赛决赛 25 2022年中国工业互联网安全大赛全国总决赛 26 第三届“祥云杯”网络安全大赛决赛 27 ctfshow第三届愚人赛 28 第三届红明谷杯网络安全大赛初赛 29 2022年第三届“网鼎杯”网络安全大赛决赛 30 第七届XCTF国际网络攻防联赛总决赛 31 hxp CTF 2022 32 2023广东海洋大学第零届信息安全竞赛 33 PWNHUB内部赛 34 PWNHUB公开赛 35 NSSCTF Round#11 36 picoCTF 37 2023年网络“攻&防”技能大赛暨网安人才评定工程 38 2022西湖论剑·第六届杭州网络安全技能大赛决赛 39 2023第六期HWS硬件安全在线冬令营 40 网络安全平台测试赛


Based on the discussions in the weekly meeting, it is clear that there are several exciting upcoming events in the near future, all of which offer outstanding prizes. As a result, it is important for all members of the team to stay informed and up-to-date on these events and to prepare accordingly if they plan to participate. Additionally, it may be beneficial for the team to consider other similar events or opportunities in order to continue honing their skills and staying competitive in the field. Overall, it is an exciting time for the team and the field as a whole, and everyone should be encouraged to participate and contribute in any way they can.